Mishonga Yechivanhu Yepasichigare YomuZimbabwe – Zimbabwe Traditional Medicines

1) Shumha – the fruit is used to heal ring worms and skin diseases. Burn the extract and apply the affected part(s)

2) Mukundanyoka – Extracted from the trunk, grind it so as to dry then crush it into powder. – Cures Malaria, Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Toothaches.

3) Mupfura/Amarula – treats diarrhoea, prevention of malaria. – Is drunk as a tonic for weakness and fatigue.

4) Mutsine/Black jack – treats swelling of tissue due to fluid accumulation. – supports brain function. – cures ulcers. – treats diabetes. – is used as a vegetable.

5) Mutsambadzi – treats flu, – stomach ache, – treats eye problems, – cures wounds

6) Moringa – cures all kinds of diseases, – it stimulates the appetite, – it reduces viral loads, – it boosts the immune system – Boil the plant extracts and drink the liquid

7) Mutohwe – the root extracts are chopped and placed in the ear as medicine for earache.

8) Mubvamaropa – the bark is used to relieve stomach disorders, – It cures headaches – is also a cure for malaria

9) Mutarara – cures toothache – strengthens the teeth and gums – Extracted from the tree bark, it is dried and ground into a powder. Soak in water for 30 minutes then it will be ready to drink.

10) Tsangamidzi – heals stomach pains, – helps reduce high blood pressure – Boil the powder in water and drink the liquid. – Sprinkle onto your food as you eat.

11) Ndorani/Ntolwani – it cures Ngubhani – it heals hypertension and stomach upsets

12) Mpangara – used to treat toothache

13) Dhorofiya – cures glaucoma – cures wounds – cures fatigue – cures ulcers – cures diabetes – cures herpes

14) Mususu – reduces and cures stomach pains

15) Munyatera – reduces stomach pains – cure running upset stomach – reduces high body tempeurate – cures snake bites

16) Gavakava – it heals stomach aches – it clears black spots and removes pimples – it heals wounds – it heals nyon’o in chickens

17) Mango leaves – cures boils – alleviate skin conditions – cures chest conditions – reduces and cancels asthma
– wash with cold water and chew thoroughly, swallow the juice and leaves, – drink the juice of boiled mango leaves to heal diarrhoea and incontinence(quick discharge of water/urine) – boosts blood quantities

18) Avocado leaves – boost the blood supply – cures Blood pressure – Boil the leaves and drink the liquid

19) Lemon leaves – boost the pulse rate – boil and drink the liquid

20) Zumbani Tea (Lippia Javanica) – Prevents on-set of degenerative diseases such as cancer, stroke and diabetes – Lowers pain such as abdominal pain, menstrual pain, backache and chest pain – Lowers swelling – Treats fevers, especially in the case of malaria, influenza and measles – Treats coughs, colds and bronchial problems
– Helps prevent lung infections – Treats dysentery and diarrhoea – Is caffeine-free – Has vital minerals such as copper, zinc and iron – Low in tannin, much lower than rooibos and far much lower than regular tea – Boosts the immune system – Has aphrodisiacs properties – Treats fertility problems – Is antibacterial – Is antiviral – Helps treat acne, eczema, dermatitis and hair loss – Treats seizures and heart rhythm disturbances – Fights prostate cancer and prostate enlargement