Mazita Nemarudzi eNyoka

Some Snakes in Zimbabwe and their Shona Names

Python – Shato

Black Mamba – Rovambira

(the black to the name is not for the skin colour but for the inside of the mouth)

Black cobra – Mhungu

Mozambican spitting cobra- Mhakure

House snake – Dzvoti

(non-poisonous and good for rat and mice infestations)

Puff adder – Chiva

Gaboon viper – Bvumbi

Green mamba – Bopamupani

Albino snake – Ndara

(This is not a specific species. It is obviously a rare sight and bumping into one is considered a very ill omen. Killing one is one of the worst taboos than one can risk breaking)

Cape file snake – Ndara or Mhunzamusha

This snake is rarely seen and can be black or different shades of grey with a whitish detail. It is considered a sign of bad omen. But note that it is not the same as the